I love food trucks. No, I mean I really love food trucks. Maybe it’s because they all seem to be run by super friendly people who love what they do. Maybe it’s because the food is always super creative and yummy. One thing I know for sure is I love the hunt. I love checking twitter to see where they’re set up for the day. Food trucks are the perfect resource for young foodies like myself. It provides the opportunity to try eccentric cuisines without the budget for it. On Sunday, June 11th I attended the Pilsen Food Truck Festival in Chicago. A $5 Donation was asked and it went directly towards the Illinois Food Truck Owners Association, Pilsen’s Saint Procopius Church food bank and soup kitchen, and ABC Pilsen. It is very easy to get overwhelmed at these types of events, everything looks so good but the human stomach is but so big. I like to do a sweep of the place, and find the most interesting meal. The one that looks the most different and unique is the one I usually try.

Jack’s Fork in the Road Food Truck http://www.jacksforkintheroad.com

Tamale Spaceship Food Truck http://www.thetamalespaceship.com and Da Lobsta Food Truck http://www.dalobsta.com

Chicago Lunchbox Food Truck http://chicagolunchbox.com

“Fried Pork Spring Rolls” from the Chicago Lunchbox Food Truck. Ground pork, mushrooms, taro, carrots, cabbage and noodles in a rice wrapper and deep fried. I paid $4 and although only 3 are shown, it came with 4 spring rolls. For the price, I was expecting a very oily roll and not too much flavor because it was a spring roll as opposed to an egg roll and in my experience they are blander. However, I was pleasantly surprised. They were crunchy and not oily at all. The flavors were rich and was accompanied by a delicious sweet sauce that did not over power the spring rolls. All in all, for $4 it was pretty great. Now, for the most interesting meal I came across. *Drumroll Please*

The Corner Farmacy http://www.thecornerfarmacy.com. Not going to lie. I passed by this truck when I first arrived at the festival because I wasn’t trying to drink cold pressed juices. I wanted real food. But wait, let’s take a look at this menu shall we?
THAT BACON DATE PANINI!!!! WHAAAATTT??? So naturally I had to get it.
I got the half sandwich for $7 just in case it didn’t taste as good as it sounded. Really kicking myself for not getting the full but lessons learned right? Let’s look at this beauty.
If you ask me, what really made this $7 sandwich pop was that date and caramelized onion compote. Wow. It had the texture of a jam but it played the part of mayo on the sandwich. Arugula over lettuce is always a swell idea in my book and at first glance, the goat cheese looked a little heavy but no. No it was not. It provided the perfect tangy contrast against The Beeler’s Bacon, a thick cut crispy pork bacon. This, and this alone was heaven and was worth coming out for.

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