Saturday June 25th, in 104 degree weather, I made my way down to the Chicago Food Truck Fest. There were tons of vendors of all varieties from food truck to food stand. This time around there were a couple of brands giving out free samples of there newest products. This is probably one of the coolest perks of these events. They’re completely free, and sometimes you get the opportunity to try out cool new food. I was only there for about an hour and I would’ve loved to stay longer had it not been for the ridiculous heat mother nature chose to unleash. Like usual, I did a sweep of the whole festival before committing to one truck. When I finally ate, I got so much food I had leftovers and ate them on my break at work! Needless to say, my obsession with food trucks doesn’t seem to be ending an
I-94 Ribs food stand
Jerk Modern Jamaican Grill Food Truck

Caponies Express Food Truck

Free Samples: Beanitos White Bean Chip with a Hint of Lime & Spicy Wholly Guacamole

Free Samples: Bai Blood Orange Infused Drink & Skinny Pop Jalapeno Popcorn

The truck I finally ended up buying from is called The Yum Dum Truck. My idiot self messed up the picture, or maybe I forgot to take one of the truck all together. So here is one courtesy of

GAHHHHH this menu made my mouth water on site. When I’m faced with so many delicious options I don’t fight the urge. I have been known to get one of everything, so I ordered the sampler. It came with 2 Baos, 6 Dumplings, a side and a drink for $16. At first thought the $16 price was a tad high, but when I received the food it was obvious that it was well worth it. For those not familiar with Bao(wiches) the Yum Dum Truck describes it as “An Asian slider of deliciousness on a sweet rice flour pillow bao”. Essentially, the Bao serves as a bun for the variety of yummy toppings. Let’s take a look at this enticing goodness!

Okay, from left to right we have: Baowiches- Braised Pork Belly and Korean Chili Chicken, Side- Kimcheesy Rice Balls, Dumplings (2 of each)- Pork & Chinese Chives, Thai Chicken Basil and Classic Veggie.

Don’t these Boawiches look ridiculously appetizing? The Korean Chili Chicken was crispy and sweet and a little spicy. If you’ve ever had Korean fried chicken, it’s definitely playing with similar flavors. It was topped with a spicy slaw and drenched in chili sauce. I don’t know if others will agree, but I love a good sauce with my food. Honestly, it makes it more fun. I enjoy trying to get every last drop and using the bread as a sponge for it. I’m a kid, I get it. The man who took my order recommended that I get the shrimp bao since it is also spicy and I am a sucker for something with a kick. However, I thought it best to explore all flavors ergo, the braised pork baowich. It’s very different than the chicken as it was tangier . It did not have a sauce but the pickled mustard greens were a beautiful touch, adding texture and a much needed lightness. All in all, an excellent meal.

OKAY. Lets talk about these Kimcheesy Rice Balls. Incorporating rice, cheddar jack cheese, kimchi, jalapeños and scallions, these balls are then rolled in panko crumbs and fried. Can you say Ehrmahgerd? But wait! There’s more! AFTER all that, they’re topped with a jalapeño, sriracha mayo. WHHAATTT??? I know, I know. My concern were that these were going to be super rich and I wasn’t going to be able to focus on any other flavor besides the overwhelming cheese. I voiced my concern to the food truck workers and they quickly told me not to worry. That although they are called “Kimcheesy” they aren’t THAT cheesy after all, and boy were they right. The bite is initially crunchy due to the texture provided by the panko crumbs. However, it is quickly followed by the softness of the rice, sweet and salty and a little spicy. This right here is worth coming out for alone. Oh, and a single order is only $4. I’ll let you sit with that.

Lastly, the dumplings! Dumplings are so easy to eat, they’re the kind of food that’s so easy to eat and before you know it you’ve eaten 30 and you don’t know how. There are a variety of sauces that go well with them, and we already know how I feel about sauce. These particular dumplings came in three flavors and I was able to try them all: Pork and Chinese Chives, Thai Chicken and Basil, and Classical Veggie. Now, honestly speaking I thought these dumplings were very good however, there was nothing absolutely mind-blowing about them. In fact, I couldn’t really taste the difference between the Pork and Chicken ones. Again, it doesn’t take away from the fact that they were tasty, and I would order them again if I had the taste for dumplings. I simply think that if I am promised different flavors, different flavors is what I should receive. They were served with a soy-sauce based dipping sauce which was not necessary, but appreciated.

I also wanted to quickly point out the super cool utensils the Yum Dum Truck provides. They’re half fork and half chopsticks! Super innovative, super awesome!

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