I constantly have a list of specific pieces I look for when at the thrift store. Granted, I never turn away an excellent find; and more often than not, I go home with amazing items I wasn’t even looking for! Here are a list of a few things I’m pining for at the moment.

Nike Air Force 1s

A timeless classic. I’m not even into sneakers “like that”, but these shoes have grown on me. I love the simplicity of the white on white design. Also, not gonna lie, as a woman of 4”3, that thick platform is truly a blessing. Hopefully I find these soon though! Or else I might…*gasp*┬ásubject myself to buying them off of eBay. I actually just picked up a pair to resell in a size 7.5. They were $3.99! So I’m trying to remain hopeful. Pictured above with mom jeans, cuffed at the ankle or even with black leggings and a cropped hoodie. Wish me luck!

Boob Tube Top

AGGGGHHHH! The tube top, or as I like to call it: the boobey tubey top. This is something I didn’t think I would be into, as I was and still am not a fan of bandeaus. I honestly, just prefer the look of bralettes more when layering. Anyway, it wasn’t until I was watching the sweetest peach aka Holly on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyxcasablancas) that I even considered them. When they fit all nice and spandexy (I know, not a word) it’s a really cute look. I’m all for going braless and these boobey tubey tops make it so easy! Tucked into a cute denim mini, or a cropped version with a mom pencil jean. I’m even considering them with baggy sweats, channeling my inner Aaliyah! Holly mentioned finding them in the shape wear section of the thrift store but I haven’t had luck yet.

Bomb Denim Mini

I want to preface this by saying that I am the proud owner of a lovely thrifted denim skirt. However, it is not the bomb denim mini. I love the cut of this skirt, how it’s very much like a mini pencil skirt. It’s not skater-ish in anyway (totally unflattering on my tiny frame). I desperately want to find one so I can fray up the bottom. I’ve been looking specifically at short skirts when I got to the thrift store, but I’m now considering taking a look at the long denim skirts on the racks as well. As you know, thrift stores are chock-full- of those long heavy denim skirts. Can I just point out that this bomb denim mini would look amazing with air force 1s and a boobey tubey top?

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