And I’m back at it again with another thrift haul, this time from Goodwill and Unique.

Im pretty excited about these pair of jeans, because I don’t have the best luck when it comes to denim at the thrift stores. It’s frustrating because thrift stores are abundant in denim, all kinds of denim. But, sadly, never jeans or skirts or dresses or jackets that fit my petiteĀ 4’3 frame. The pair on the left are a no- brand pair of mom jeans in a size 4. I plan on cutting them blunt at the ankle and lightly distressing them. The pair on the right are Bell Bottom jeans by the brand “Mann”, never heard of them nor could I find any info on them via google. The strange thing about these jeans is how perfectly they fit me. I’m convinced someone came to my house in the middle of the night, while I was sleeping and measured me. Then strategically placed the jeans…no I’m joking, but they they fit like they were made for me. I’m going to fix that hem and they’ll be good to go. If only I had a pair of chunky clogs to wear with them *sigh*. I believe each pair of jeans were $2.49.

This vintage Victoria’s Secret top was $1.99 (the cashier assumed it was from the kids section) it’s cute, cropped and comfy.

AIR FORCE 1s! Sadly, they are in a size U.S 7.5 and my size 4 feet just won’t stretch. I plan on giving these guys a deep clean and reselling them. They were only $3.99 (half off of $7.99)

Last, but never least is an authentic Kangol hat! As much as I love the 90s, this hat is definitely not my style. However, for $2.99, I picked it up with the intent on reselling it.

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